Real Estate Photography in the South Shore: Here to serve you,let's capture the beauty of your property

Welcome to GP Creative works, a premier real estate photography service in the South Shore, where our main focus is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience.

We understand the complex process involved in selling a property can be intricate, and it involves numerous details and steps that require careful consideration and management. We also know the importance of making things right from the beginning, which is why we are dedicated to offering a personalized, top-notch service at every step.

Our lead photographer is committed to capturing the true beauty and potential of each property that he photographs. Captivating and professional images are vital in capturing the attention of potential buyers and generating interest in each property, but great customer service will carry you a longer distance.

Let us assist you in showcasing your property in the most favorable light possible. You can trust our experienced real estate team to deliver high quality images and an outstanding customer experience!

Real estate photos that captivate the attention of potential buyers

At our real estate photography company in the South Shore, we understand the importance of captivating the attention of potential buyers. That’s why we strive to provide an exceptional customer experience at every stage of our collaboration.

Interior and exterior photography

GP Creative works, your real estate photography company, specializes in capturing both the interior and exterior spaces of your property. Whether it’s highlighting room layouts, architectural details, or outdoor features, our experienced photographer uses advanced techniques to create images that reflect the atmosphere and aesthetics of each space.

Floor plans with measurements

For a comprehensive and informative presentation of your property, we provide Floor Plans with measurements, which are highly accurate and detailed, providing customers with the dimensions of each room. The plan can be customized with fixed furniture if desired, and they can be 2D or 3D, enabling customers to visualize the layout of the property and their dream home!

However, please note that these measurements are highly reliable, but not guaranteed to be exact.

Aerial photography and videography

To provide a unique and stunning perspective of your property, GP Creative works also offers aerial photography and videography services. Our licensed expert utilizes drones to capture stunning panoramic aerial images and immersive videos, showcasing the exterior features of your property. These visuals provide a thorough view of the surrounding area, highlighting its position and offering a unique perspective on nearby places of interest.

Our real estate photography packages

GP Creative has created comprehensive service packages to meet your specific needs, including:

Photo Basic:

For small to medium-sized properties or rental listings.

Multimedia Pro:

For medium-sized homes or standard listings.

Multimedia Platinum:

Photography for properties of ALL sizes, floor plans, videography, drone shots, and much more!

Why choose us?

With customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, you’ll benefit from a multitude of advantages, including:

Online appointment scheduling
Availability during weekdays, evenings, and weekends
High-quality images
Photo editing and enhancements.
Competitive prices

Some of our work

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Our team is available to answer all your questions and provide detailed information about our services. Whether you're a real estate agent or a homeowner, we are here to help you showcase your property in the best possible light.

You can reach us by phone at 514-466-8921 or via email through the contact form.